By Alex Miles

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The Pyramid Puzzle

Olive jet-sets all the way to Egypt for her latest blockbuster, but it’s the mystery she’s digging up at school that’s truly puzzling…

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Mammoth Mistake

In her new movie, Olive brings a woolly mammoth back from the Ice Age – a BIG mistake. Luckily in real life, she can't mess up so badly. Or can she?

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The Robbery Riddle

Olive plays sidekick to the world's favourite detective. On screen there's action, drama and mystery, but it's a real-life robbery that puts her sleuthing skills to the test.

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Halloween Queen

Olive stars as a witch alongside her nemesis, Sofia La Boosh, in a battle to be crowned the Halloween Queen. Luckily good always triumphs over evil... doesn't it?

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Puppy Planet

It's not every day you get to play a pooch! While voicing a dog in an animation, Olive falls in love with a pound puppy. But will she be allowed to take him home?

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What have people been saying?

'Alex is a natural at commanding a room of kids of any age. She engages them with humour, original activities, and a love for books and words. In smaller groups, she makes imagination exploration and story building a game to be enjoyed by all. Highly recommended for author talks, and workshops.'

Tony Wilson - Author

'We have been raving about your ‘Imagination Muscle’ workshop – how spot on it was, how you really engaged the children and gave them time, but then moved on from one activity to another to keep them engaged. So awesome, thanks!'

Jennifer Butler - Teacher Librarian, Caulfield Grammar

'Alex’s presentation was fast-paced, relevant, age-appropriately pitched and, quite simply, inspiring. She offered practical ideas to help our students develop their own ideas and writing habits.'

Ali Vince - Librarian, Seymour College, Adelaide

'Thank goodness for Alex! We now know we have an extra muscle that we can exercise without even leaving our chairs - our imagination muscle!'

Holly - Year 3, Immanuel Primary, Adelaide

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What's on

24 May 2023 – National Simultaneous Storytime

Over 2.18 million Aussies enjoyed a book together in 2022! Make sure you join the fun in 2023.

Meet Olive Black

Life can be tough when your name sounds like a pizza topping, but Olive Black is managing just fine. Like every 10-year-old Aussie girl, she’s navigating friendships, school and family life. Unlike most girls though, Olive is an international mega movie star! Olive stars in blockbuster films as we get to know her and grow to love her loyalty, creativity and independence.

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More About Alex

Get to know a little more about me, from Neighbours and Zac Power to wedding planning books and behind the scenes of my new series, Starring Olive Black. You can also find out how to get me to your school!