By Alex Miles

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The Robbery Riddle

The Robbery Riddle

Starring Olive Black

For her latest movie, Olive plays sidekick to the world’s favourite film detective in The Robbery Riddle. On screen there’s action, drama and mystery, but it’s a real-life robbery that puts Olive’s sleuthing skills to the test. Soon she’s got a brilliant plan to catch the theif, but everyone’s a suspect – even Olive! Working with detective-partner and best friend Rani, can she find the culprit and clear her name? Or is this detective business trickier than it looks?

'Can’t wait for the next books. Amazing!' - Cassidy, Age 10

'Hilarious' - Katie, Age 8

'This is the best!' - Josh, Age 9

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Behind the scenes

  • The ‘who-dun-it’ genre is my absolute favourite film genre of all time. So I felt very nervous writing this one. I wanted to make sure I used all the detective tricks I’d learnt after years of watching mystery movies. My favourite are by Agatha Christie. She’s an amazing writer who’s written a gazillion books, many of which have been made into movies. Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot are my two favourite of all of her characters.

Helping Dymocks Children Charities

My publisher Affirm Press and I want to help all Australian kids experience the joy of reading and are proud to announce a partnership with Dymocks Children’s Charities. For every one of our books that sells through Dymocks, Affirm Press will donate $1 to the charity which aims to help disadvantaged children throughout Australia access and enjoy great Australian stories.