By Alex Miles

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The Pyramid Puzzle

Olive jet-sets all the way to Egypt for her latest blockbuster. She’s starring as a junior archaeologist who uncovers ancient secrets – but it’s the mystery she’s digging up at school that’s truly puzzling… With the help of the naughtiest boy she knows, can Olive solve the riddle of two feuding teachers? Or will she discover that things are not always as they seem?

'A Great Egyptian mystery. Olive is a hilarious freckled Cleopatra!' - Archer, Age 9

'By the end of the first chapter, the book had captured me and I couldn’t get out until the end.' - Ella, Age 10

'Olive’s taste for adventure makes me want to read more' - Tessa, Age 9

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Helping Dymocks Children Charities

My publisher Affirm Press and I want to help all Australian kids experience the joy of reading and are proud to announce a partnership with Dymocks Children’s Charities. For every one of our books that sells through Dymocks, Affirm Press will donate $1 to the charity which aims to help disadvantaged children throughout Australia access and enjoy great Australian stories.