By Alex Miles

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Freddy’s Book Trailer

Little Freddy made me a book trailer to celebrate the release of The Pyramid Puzzle. Thanks pal.

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I finished writing this book baby just a few days before I got to meet my actual baby last November. Hooley dooley, what a wild ride that was – writing five books in 21 months from the time George was seven months old through to being pregnant with number two. This time around though I absolutely embraced the fourth trimester and fell into the nappy-changing, nipple-aching, midnight-googling, heat-wave-cluster-feeding, Peppa-Pig-negotiating, toilet-training delirium that is having a newborn and a toddler.

Oh yeah, and then my book came out!

As Fred said, I’ve loved this time with the boys and am so glad I took a break. But to keep this kids-book-writing dream of mine alive, it’s time to spread the word about Olive’s latest blockbuster movie, The Pyramid Puzzle. It’s an absolute privilege writing for young people and creating a character who’s feisty, funny, flawed and full of heart.

So if, like Freddy, you’d like to help a new mum out, please share his message with the kids, parents and teachers in your life. I hope they fall in love with Olive as much as I have.

Happy reading. And thank you to all those around me who made this possible, especially Fred, my squishy, adorable mohawk man, and your besotted big bro George.